Brief Introduction

Rahbar Eghtesad Saba (RESA Group)

Rahbar Eghtesad Saba (RESA) Investment Company, with 20 years of experience in providing electrical and mechanical equipment for construction and civil projects all over the country, and having an exclusive agency of the most validated foreign brands, along with the utilization of technology and engineering teams in the building industry, could have a significant share in supplying civil projects of the country and present novel approaches in capital management to keep and develop its constituent company and to step forward for solving the liquidity problem in building projects.
The company is composed of constituent and partner companies that form a consortium, and each provides a portion of the country's principal construction equipment and materials. In order to present various portfolios to building industry activists as well as synergize financial capital and expert manpower, they provide equipment for building projects as barter or special finance packages within the Rahbar Eghtesad Saba (RESA) investment group.
In order to meet the investment needs of house builders and their tendency to provide the main building equipment in exchange for property, Rahbar Eghtesad Saba (RESA) investment group offers the construction company a choice of equipment from various RSA portfolios and the option to pay a portion of the equipment price by exchanging property or with special payment methods to balance with the RESA companies group.
This group benefited from a scientific and practical approach to the modern method of global trade and responsibly followed internal and international rules and regulations to grow and progress considerably in addition to obtaining a proper validation in commodity and service exchange markets, production, provision, distribution and transportation in fields such as steel, electromechanical equipment of building industry, construction, construction equipment provision, subway and tunnel equipment, hospital equipment, internal and international investment and trade.