Group Companies

Mehfakhr Asanro Company

Mehfakhr Asanro Company was established in 2017, with policy enactment and presenting technical-engineering fundamentals, with a focus on providing hybrid elevators and presenting design, installation, maintenance, repair, and consultant in the area of elevator and escalator, with a quality-oriented vision, and commenced organizing and managing its activities after gathering a cadre including professional and experts.
By providing monthly services and a quick response system for failure fixing, the company provided reliable support for Mehfakhr products and completed the quality cycle in its products. The fundamental objective of Mehfakhr Asanro Company is to note and provide open and cover the needs of customers and consumers. The Company offers engineering and executive services in the escalator and elevator industry by combining engineering, design, plan management knowledge, and technical expertise with the assistance of experienced and trained technicians in the related fields and inspired by knowledge of project management, which has been the domain of activity of the Company founders for many years.