Domestic Companies


To be the leading Company in the alignment of civil and construction projects with exponential growth and changes in the modern world, Amayesh Lotus Iranian Co was founded in 2014 to offer parking air conditioners and industrial ventilation systems for urban areas suffering from heavy traffic, such as subways and airports, in addition to building management system systems in the security and safety division. The Company plays a major role in Iran’s macro projects of the country by using experts in the design, sale, installation, implementation, and after-sale services.
Amayesh Lotus Iranian Co (LIC) has received exclusive agencies of the following companies:
MAICO (Italy) – Industrial and Building Fans & Jet Fans
NOVENCO (Netherlands) – Industrial and Subway Fans & Jet Fans
Tunnel and subway ventilation
Ventilation for oil, gas, and powerplant industries (wind, water, etc.)
Building ventilation ( parking, commercial, etc.)
Greenhouse ventilation
Disruption of pressure systems
Security and safety systems